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Our Team

Salvador Martínez

  • Nationality: Panamanian
  • Age: 47 years
  • Reference: 21 years experience in the Volcan Baru Tour

Iván Lizondro Pitty

  • Nationality: Panamanian
  • Age: 35 years
  • Reference: 10 years experience in the Volcan Baru Tour

Arcenio A. Lizondro

  • Nationality: Panamanian
  • Age: 40 years
  • Reference: 17 years experience in the Volcan Baru Tour

Welcome to Chiriqui

Chiriquí is the second most developed province on the boarder to Costa Rica that can introduce the entire beauty of Panama. It persuades not only with the longest and clearest rivers and the colorful and impressive valleys, but also with the tallest mountain of the country: Volcán Barú.
The highlands of Chiriquí are the most productive agricultural area in Panama and famous for first rated coffee plantations.
Furthermore you can find long and white-sand beaches as well as a rich diversity of marine life

Why Chiriquí?

In Chiriquí there is a huge amount of activities that attracts people from all over the world. From soaking in the sun, over climbing and hiking in the mountains, rafting, up to birding and jungle adventures, there is nearly nothing missing. Popular destinations for different kind of activities are Boquete and Volcán

The Volcán Barú, which is distant only 35 kilometer from the boarder of Costa Rica, is a not longer considered as active volcano. With its 3.474 meters it is the tallest mountain of Panama and on clear days it affords views of both coasts: the Pacific and the Caribbean. The Volcano has not only one, but seven craters. It is possible to hike to the peek of Volcán Barú from both sides: Boquete and Volcán.

Why Volcan Baru?

Located in a 143 square kilometer National Park, the surrounding of Volcán Barú has a lot to offer, like hiking trails and a large amount of different species. Especially on the famous Sendero Los Quetzales, which connects Boquete and Cerro Punta you can observe more than 250 species of birds. As the name implies the trail is one of the best places to see the rare Quetzal.


Beside the attractive hiking trail to the peak of the volcano and all the viewpoints you can see different species of birds and other animals. Camping on the mountain in the middle of the nature is an other famous attraction.

Volcan Baru